Shae Joins the CNM

Shae is proud to announce it has been accepted as a member of the Tennessee Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM). The Shae Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that produces message media designed to intentionally and effectively cause positive change. Shae partners with NGO’s in the U.S., the Europe, Africa & Middle East (EAME), and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions to address vital and urgent causes including the advancement of human rights, the reduction of hunger, poverty disease and human trafficking, and the development of education, health, and employment opportunities for women and children.

Shae is able to accomplish this through its program of identifying and mentoring young artists whose purpose is to express their self-evident giftedness and passion through effective message media such as graphic arts, photography, documentary films, cinema, and online internet products and services. Artists working with Shae are given opportunity to participate in growing faith and hope around the world.

The Center for Non Profit Management (CNM) was created in 1986 by the Frist Foundation and the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville. CNM offers a full set of training, consulting, and evaluation programs that meet the education and management needs of the growing Tennessee nonprofit community. CNM has more than 750 nonprofit members.

CNM is funded by The Frist Foundation, The Memorial Foundation, The HCA Foundation, The Ingram Charitable Fund, and the Louie M. & Betty M. Phillips Foundation.