Shae’s cause-driven projects are different from a typical production company. All Shae
participants are expected to volunteer a portion of their time, as an investment in the accountability

of the project. Below is a list of criteria that we ask our students to meet and relate to.

Community Path

  • Believe in Shae's values.
  • Volunteer work on Shae projects is encouraged, hours are set on a individual basis according to skill sets of the volunteer.

Apprentice Path

  • This path is reserved for high school and university students
  • Project involvement must count for school credit
  • Apprentice is compensated through school credit.
  • Basic technical skills in area of interest are required
  • Must demonstrate Shae Philosophy

Leader Path

  • Available to university and post-university students
  • Leader applicant must have either completed the Apprenticeship Path or volunteer 70 hours at start of project involvement
  • Requires advanced technical and aesthetic skills in area of expertise
  • Leader is compensated with a stipend based on experience and skill set

Mentor Path

  • A voluntary experience offered for the benefit of both parties
  • Must be knowledgeable and credible in their field
  • Previous Shae project experience or invitation from founders is required

Partner Path

  • Value Shae Philosophy
  • Mutual beneficial investment in Shae programs and projects
  • Participate in Shae media outreach