Educating With Media

You may recognize the motto, ‘Ars gratia artis’ (art for art’s sake) that surrounds the familiar roaring lion in Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s trademark. It offers the premise that art needs no moral justification to exist. Shae is founded on a very different premise: Art, media, and artists, are accountable to a higher purpose.
Media communicates message. Message matters. How and where a message is expressed also matters. Our message media is designed to intentionally and effectively cause positive change for a specific need or idea. Shae is building a sustainable artistic community that is accountable to a higher standard—using their giftedness to create art and media that produce positive change in the global community. Shae identifies and mentors artists whose purpose is to express their self-evident giftedness and passion through effective message media, resulting in positive and effective changes for the global community.
Because Shae is a mission-driven, non-profit artistic community, we are able to help other organizations communicate their outreach goals more creatively, consistently, and effectively. Shae makes superior media tools accessible to these organizations at lower costs than a for-profit company could offer.
Looking for an example? See how Shae message media made a difference in the lives of students and teachers at a Chicago-area school. Financially struggling and on the brink of closure, Hinsdale Adventist Academy worked with Shae to express their unique take on education. Through the awareness brought about by the media, the school was revitalized and continues to serve the community today.