Human Trafficking in Nepal

When Shae founder, Terry Benedict, met Helen Eager while filming a project in India, an instant friendship was formed on the strength of a shared mission—to serve those in need. Helen had given her whole life to serve women and children who had no hope. One of those children was Rajendra Gautam. Thanks to Helen, Rajendra, now a gifted and competent leader, has started a Nepali NGO named 3Angels Nepal to serve women and children who are the objects of human trafficking (HT).
When Helen met Terry and saw his compassionate and powerful work as a socially-conscious filmmaker, she begged him to come and film the work that Rajendra was doing in Nepal. Helen’s appeal and sense of urgency was compelling. When Terry arrived, he was shocked by what he saw, and it spurred him on an unanticipated journey to uncover and address the issues that support and perpetuate human trafficking.
Rajendra, with his wife Sarah, started 3Angels Nepal (3AN) to provide refuge and empowerment to Nepal’s most vulnerable women and children. Human trafficking became personal when Sarah’s own cousin was rejected by her family after she had been tricked and trafficked. Sarah’s cousin came to live with Rajendra and Sarah, joining a growing number of rescued girls in their own home, which soon became known as the Safehaven.

After his initial filming trip in 2010, Terry felt convicted that his involvement with Nepal could not end there. He brought his team back in 2012 to document the stories of the rescued girls and the courageous workers who fight against HT. At the Nepal-India border, the team witnessed rickshaws filled with young girls being stopped at a tiny wooden booth. There, 3AN workers questioned the girls and compared their stories with the men escorting them, trying to discern if the girls were being tricked and sold. The film team also visited villages filled with women born into the prostitute caste, who knew of no other options to feed their families than to sell their daughters. Now rescued by 3AN, it became apparent to the film crew that they have new dreams and hopes for the future, thanks to the work of people like Sarah, Helen, and Rajendra.
Shae’s involvement in Nepal continues through a comprehensive plan to increase awareness about HT in Nepal by creating multiple and effective media tools. To make it easier for others to participate in this and other urgent causes, Shae has created, a pipeline for resources to go directly to field efforts on the ground where they are needed the most. No matter what your passion, talents, or resources, you can get involved with Shae’s mission to make a global difference through
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